shephard's pie WILD FIRE

Preperation Time: 15 min
Cooking time: 5 min
4-6 Persons or more!

The Shepherd’s pie is the unsung hero of comfort food. Even though it has a lot of ingredients, it is quite easy to prepare, adjust and make your own. This is our favorite version.

The items:
1 kg New Potatoes, cut into cubes
3 tbsp. butter
1 tbsp. chopped fresh coriander
1 tbsp. chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. fresh ground black pepper
½ kg. PULLED PORK or black beans
2 cloves garlic
120 gr chopped onions
½ l. milk or coconut milk
200 gr black beans (or 700 gr if no pork)
160 gr chopped carrots
250 gr canned corn
120 gr shredded Cheddar cheese
200 gr chopped canned tomatoes
Sour cream or similar

*launched May 1st. 2018. Until then you can use SPICE BLEND OF THE AMERICAS + 2 tbsp. Cumin

The action:
Preheat oven / smoker to 180-190 C
Cook potatoes for 15 min. until just tender.
Drain and return to the pot, add milk / coconut milk, butter, cilantro, parsley and half the salt and pepper. Mash until smooth.

In a separate skillet, cook garlic, onion, pulled pork / beans over medium heat for 5 min.
Stir in tomatoes, beans, carrots, remaining salt and pepper, SPICE BLEND OF MEXICO and bring to simmer for 5-7 min.

Spread pork / bean mix to deep baking dish, spread corn evenly then top with the mashed potatoes. Sprinkle cheese on top and bake for 40-45 min. or until top is golden.

The servings:
Serve with dipping sauce on the side made from JALAPEÑO mixed with sour cream or similar, to taste.

The Hot tip:
You can make it hotter by adding some fresh jalapeños.
You can also exchange the pork with chicken, beef, fish, seafood or keep it vegetarian.