Cayenne hot sauce

Cayenne hot sauce


CAYENNE HOT SAUCE is a fresh and juicy sauce made with the most popular chili, the wonderful Cayenne.
We paired it with some Habanero and Bird's Eye Chili, fresh coriander, ecological lemon juice and ecological white wine vinegar plus some secrets spices of course! 

It's great for tacos, nachos, tostadas, fajitas, enchiladas or brushed on any white fish or scampi served with rice & a fresh salad. Our favourite at the moment is Cayenne with Fisn n Chips!

As a dip sauce.
We love it as it is!
Try it also mixed with sour cream, majonaise, creme fraiche or similar!
Just add the Cayenne sauce to your liking (some like a few drops, and some like it hot!)

Fish & Chips
Seafood Boil

Autentisk chilisaus med Cayenne-, Habanero- og Bird’s Eye chili, hvitløk, frisk koriander, økologisk hvitvinseddik og økologisk sitronjuice.

Cayennepepper (37%), vann (14%), løk (12%), hvitløk (10%), extra virgin olivenolje, koriander, økologisk og biodynamisk sitronjuice**, økologisk hvitvinseddik**, salt, Habanero og Birds eye chili. GLUTENFRI. Vegansk
** =fra godkjent økologisk og biodynamisk (Demeter) jordbruk

PR 100 gr/ml

Energi KJ                                            471,6                                  
energi Kcal                                        113,9
Fett                                                      9,2
-hvorav mettede fettsyrer                     1,3
Karbohydrater                                       5,5
-hvorav sukkerarter                               3,2
Protein                                                  1,8
salt                                                        1,9

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All our products are milk- and lactose free, gluten free and MSG free!
This product is also suitable for vegans.
We try to avoid all allergens and preservatives.