Lead Staff
Jeffrey Dyrø
/ Executive Chef
Janniche Dyrø / Artistic Director, Photographer & Stylist

The mission:
We want you to make food from scratch :)
To make this possible and worth your while, it has to be tasty, and also easy for your eveyday life.
Not everyone can be a trained chef (I should know) and balancing spices and flavors can be quite tricky.
Chef Jeff to the rescue!
He is known for this well rounded and exciting flavor cominations. So, we thought we’d offer you the very best and realest taste and launched Wild Fire in nov. 2016!
Just get some local proteins and carbs together,
use a spice blend and a sauce and call it a Delicious Day!

The love of all that is tasty;
We handmake every batch with really fresh ingredients,
as local and as ecological as possible.
We try staying away from allergens. The whole series is therefore gluten free, milk- & lactose free, msg free, free from fillers, modified corn starches and high fructose corn syrup and other fake ingredients often used in sauces and spices! And they’re naturally vegan / vegetarian (honey).

The history and future vision:
Tomatoes and chilies are native to the Americas.
Chef Jeff inherited these recipes from his beloved grandmother; a Cherokee and Blackfoot chef.
As all the products are made here in Norway,
we use as much locally grown ingredients as possible,
striving to increase this and the ecological ratio as well.

The chef:
Chef Jeff grew up in USA and Asia in the 60’s.
He found his passion for cooking in his Grandma Anna Mae’s kitchen.  As a military child, he spent years in Japan, Thailand, Italy and Mexico, immersing himself in local cuisines, studying culinary arts and working in various restaurants. All that he learned from grandmothers, moms, friends and restaurants are incorporated in his recipes. 

This one's for you:
"People who love to eat
are always the best people"

Julia Child


in norway
loads of ecological
norwegian produce

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